Nick Sabin Merchandise

#2 Nick Sabin Merchandise

When Nick Sabin stepped off the airplane he heard the fans call out, "Roll Tide" as he walked across the tarmac to say hello to screaming Alabama fans. In January 2007, the fans were fanatical to restore the football program to championship heights.

When Nick Sabin was hired to coach football for the Crimson Tide, the Bama Nation went crazy. The 2007 A-Day Spring game bolstered a record breaking attendance of over 92,000. News reporters have referred to this phenomenon as "The Perfect Storm." This record breaking attendance will be talked about for years to come as the history of Alabama football continues on in great tradition.

Fans rushed out to buy "Sabination" t-shirts and straw hats like the one Nick was wearing during football practice. Sales of all Alabama merchandise skyrocketed with renewed faith in the proven abilities of Coach Sabin.

Smack Apparel t-shirt company put fuel on the flame between Sabin and the LSU Tigers and many of their best selling t-shirts had messages that intensified the rivalry between the two SEC teams. So next year, expect the trash talk between Alabama and LSU to continue and maybe even quadruple. Sabin, a former LSU coach, left to coach in the pros, which left many LSU fans bitter when he signed on with the Tide. The saga will continue, as both LSU fans and Alabama fans love to hate each other.

Other popular gift items are the new limited edition unframed prints by renowned sports artist, Greg Gamble; the limited edition 2007 A-Day Spring Game and "The Rising of the Tide, " by Gale Osborne which features Nick Sabin leading the Crimson Tide elephants.

Some folks may say Alabama has lost their zeal after last year's season. Well, most fans say that Sabin is just reloading with an astounding recruiting class and yes, it is only a matter of time before they are National Champions. Check out the video below, thanks "old school fan" for creating it for us to enjoy.

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