Bear Bryant Collectibles

#1 Gift : Coach Paul Bear Bryant Memorabilia and Collectibles

Go ahead, ask them, I dare you to ask any Alabama fan about Coach Bryant and you will have them engaged in a conversation for hours. Coach Bryant is the legendary coach that fans cannot get enough of. His popularity can be compared to that of Elvis Presley.

The most popular type of gifts for Bama fans have somewhat of a "Bear Bryant theme." For example the hounds tooth pattern that was on the hat that Bear always wore, has become very popular on Alabama t-shirts , sunglasses and hats.

Best selling t-shirts have popular phrases like: Still the greatest ever to walk a sideline or the Bear's looking down and he still hates Tennessee. Sunglasses and baseball caps with the hounds tooth design are highly sought after too.

Collectibles, such as a Bear Bryant bronze or pewter bust, have been popular for home and office. Through the years, many sports artists have captured the image of the legendary coach and superimposed his images with coaches that have preceded him. Well known prints are titled: Leaders of the Legacy (Wallace Wade, Frank Thomas, Gene Stallings, Paul Bryant); Traditions (gene Stallings, Bear Bryant); and The Tradition Lives On- Alabama (Bear Bryant, Gene Stallings, Nick Sabin) is the newest collectible print on the market.
There are many collectors of Coach Bryant bobble head dolls and figurines that are limited editions that are no longer being made. If you are lucky, you might be able to find some of the items on E-bay or in antique shops in the Tuscaloosa area. These items are increasing in value. Even ticket stubs or game day football programs are now collectibles.

To see the greatest selection of museum quality collectibles, a visit to the Coach Paul Bear Bryant Museum on the campus of the University of Alabama is highly recommended. The items are not for sale, however they do have a gift shop with quite a selection of souvenirs. The museum is always adding new displays as fans and alumni make regular donations. There is even a media room where you can watch highlights of most of the games the Bear coached.

Most People do not understand how important Coach Bryant is to the state of Alabama…this statement was made by Joe Mull, manager of Elwood Cemetery in Birmingham, Alabama where Coach Bryant is buried. According to Mr. Mull, there is not a day that goes by that someone does not visit the Bear's grave site.

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